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My name is D’laina Harton. I am a senior here at Harris Stowe State University. I would like to paint a picture for you. Imagine you’re a college student involved in different extra curricular activities or your athlete with a jam packed schedule. Last minute you need your hair done or you need a run out of tampons or you need some body wash or toothpaste you didn’t plan accordingly and all the stores are closed. That’s where Inner.BeYOU comes in which is a beauty and personal care Vending machine that will be located on college campuses to satisfy the average college student’s needs ranging from hair care products to personal hygiene and will be open 24/7. 

Inner beauty is a part of the beauty and personal care market which last year grossed over $534 billion. My competitors are diamond dynasty which is a hair vending machine located in various different malls and Mimi‘s beauty supply which is your average beauty supply store. However,  what makes us different from our competitors is that we provide both hair care products and personal hygiene but supplies would vary based on our customers’ needs. Our company is in its development stages. We have already sampled some products and been in contact with some vendors. We are asking for $10,000 this will help with receiving inventory, buying vending machines, technicians, and logos. Thank you !


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