IM MORTAL is a proposed social platform website that provides people with the ability to preserve their legacy in their own words for future generations to explore. The name IM MORTAL is a double entendre simultaneously emphasizing mortality and immortality. Many people’s greatest fear is that they will be forgotten after their death. IM MORTAL seeks to provide people with the opportunity to lay to rest knowing that they will be immortalized. Modern day society has an infatuation with recording moments in their life for others to see, IM MORTAL seeks to centralize and preserve that. Users can sync major platforms and use templates to share stories.

IM MORTAL seeks to create two social webs for users, “friend bubble and “family tree”. The family tree displays a family’s descendants and ancestors; users can interact with members through generations. The friend bubble is a network that documents interactions you have with others. Users are able to jointly share stories together.


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