Every year in the United States, 550 million plastic bottles of shampoo are thrown away – this doesn’t even include conditioner, body wash, hand soaps, dish soaps, etc. Single-use plastic dispenser bottles are a convenient product we interact with everyday, but their environmental toll adds up. 

Ikiris replaces plastic dispenser bottles with cans of product and a reusable dispenser mechanism that can fit any new can. This design cuts down on single-use packaging and eliminates plastic waste. Aluminum is a better alternative to plastic as an infinitely recyclable material, and there is a robust recycling and manufacturing industry already in place for cans. 

Ikiris isn’t just better for the environment – it’s better for consumers. On average, two-thirds of the cost of a bottle of shampoo is packaging. By separating the bottle and dispenser, we avoid the costs of manufacturing and assembling a new pump mechanism with every single bottle. Aluminum cans also have a greater packing-efficiency, allowing more product to be moved with fewer trucks. The Ikiris dispenser dramatically reduces the manufacturing and shipping costs of common sanitary products to provide a cheaper and more sustainable product.

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