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Chocolate is synonymous with all of life’s important moments. Be it a chocolate birthday cake, a romantic holiday filled with chocolate covered strawberries, or a celebratory dessert during a night out. We pair our most intimate and memorable moments with chocolate. But the truth of chocolate is harsh, scary, and truthfully, scarce when it comes to cacao- the main ingredient in chocolate. The global chocolate industry is valued at $11B USD, but the average price paid to cacao farmers is about $2 USD per day. The low price paid to farmers, rampant slavery, and plantation owners switching to more profitable crops contributes to the global shortage of cacao.


Enter Honeymoon Chocolates- Saint Louis’ first bean-to-bar chocolate makers.

We are chocolate makers in solidarity with our cacao farmers through pledging to pay a premium for all cacao purchased.We donate to honeybee research and purchase directly from beekeepers. All packaging is compostable or reusable.

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