Holistic Health and Fitness Performance Teams Challenge

Holistic Health and Fitness Performance Teams

Challenge: The Guard is not resourced to hire the Performance Team positions outlined in FM 7-22 (Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Registered Dietician, Athletic Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, or Cognitive Performance Specialist)

  • Which of the positions recommended in FM 7-22 would have the greatest impact on Soldier readiness if filled?
  • What partnerships with industry and/or academia could be made to fill H2F Performance Team positions?
  • How can internal resources be maximized to create H2F Performance teams? (Master Fitness Trainers, Unit Fitness Coordinators, Master Resilience Trainers, Soldiers who have civilian H2F credentials).
  • Are there possibilities of partnering with Universities throughout the state in a work/study arrangement for students who are getting credentialed in these fields?
  • Are there ways to partner with local and state government to share wellness resources?
  • Are there companies that may be interested in sharing resources with the National Guard?
  • Are there Guard Soldiers that have these Holistic Health and Fitness Performance Team credentials on the civilian side that could help with Holistic Health and Fitness initiatives during drill weekends?

Holistic Fitness focuses on Physical, Mental, Nutritional, Spiritual, and Sleep readiness.

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