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Healthcare is moving from the hospital to the home. After growing by 300% over the last decade, there are now 12,200 home health agencies treating 1.4 million patients with in-home IV antibiotics. The danger with moving healthcare to the outpatient setting is that more patients are now non-adherent to their medication. Non-adherence causes unplanned readmissions which, according to BJC, costs $70,000 per patient. Clinicians struggle to monitor adherence. Today, they can only call patients, which is ineffective and time consuming. They need a better solution than a phone. 

This solution is CloudConnect, HIVE’s patent-pending smart IV device. CloudConnect objectively and continuously monitors patients’ usage of their IV lines and sends this data to clinicians. We empower them to meet patients where they are and prevent failure of at-home treatment and costly readmissions. CloudConnect seamlessly integrates into the existing patient-nurse workflow to improve adherence.

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