Our goal is to become the Sun Bum of cleansers and moisturizers among Gen Z consumers. While we plan to incorporate standard skincare products into our product line, we also hope to distinguish ourselves through the inventiveness of our products. Major body care brands such as Lush and Bath and Body Works have thrived off of their combination of appealing branding and creative products, and we hope to emulate their success. We plan to start building our brand around unique probiotic formulations that strengthen the skin’s microbiome and improve the skin’s natural defenses against subsequent breakouts. In addition to solving a skincare problem not yet widely addressed in the market, these products satisfy Gen Z desires for clean, natural, and cruelty free products. Through a combination of specialized products, targeted branding, affordability, and quality, we plan to build a business that combines the best of engaging brands like Lush with dermatologist-approved brands like CeraVe, similar to what Sun Bum did with sunscreen.

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