Health Education in North St. Louis

Based on empirical observations in the emergency room and the current literature, socioeconomic and racial health disparates burden North St. Louis. We have recognized that there are systemic issues that contribute to health disparities, one of which is general health education. Systemic issues have confined people to poor access to quality healthcare, dietary options, and an environment not conducive to mental well-being. These conditions often force people in these communities to prioritize their financial well-being over their health. We have decided to start this project at the Covenant House where we will be delivering a health education curriculum to homeless and runaway youth between the ages of 18-25 near Kingshighway West and Wells Good-fellow.  Our health education curriculum will initially be based off of empirical observations and the current literature. As the program develops, we hope to adapt the curriculum and expand it to different audiences and communities.

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