Healing Spirits

The latest data from the NIH, National Institute of Health, shows 91,799 total deaths stemming from opiate SUDs(Substance Use Disorders). Then, on average, we have about 140,000 deaths caused by alcohol use. In total, we have an average of 231,799 total deaths related to SUDs each year and the number is increasing. To solve this problem, we have created a company that, in its first stage, will use 25% of profits from alcohol sales to fund innovative research and treatment using psychedelics(i.e. “magic” mushrooms, peyote, MDMA). In stage 2, once we have enough robust research, we will focus on building clinics, using Davita Dialysis clinics as a framework, to minimize SUDs. To understand the effectiveness of psychedelics to treat disorders we have to go back in history. In June 1957 Life Magazine broke the news of “magic” mushrooms found in Mexico. This led to western medicine to begin testing for the medical uses of psychedelics. In 1966, President Johnson signed the Drug Abuse Control Act into law, making the possession of psychedelics a crime. Then, President Nixon passed the Controlled Substances Act in 1970 designating psychedelics as Schedule 1 drugs, drugs having no medicinal value. Ironically, psilocybin and MDMA earned “Breakthrough Therapy” status designation, and yet, remain Schedule 1. The golden age of psychedelic research was over, or so it was thought. Recently, research has gained traction again but most of the research is funded privately.

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