Haskell House Children’s Museum

The Haskell House Children’s Museum is an idea that began in 2017. A beautiful, historic building was entrusted to the city of Alton by Dr. William and Florence Haskell to be used for educational and recreational experiences for children. The museum committee dreams of repurposing the house into an interactive children’s museum that engages young minds, muscles, and imaginations through hands-on learning and exploration.

As a mom of young children myself, I more than understand the need for a space like this in Alton. I constantly meet parents trying to find a place to get out with young children, providing them with engaging activities and giving themselves a space to connect with other caretakers. I recently joined the Haskell House Children’s Museum team to jumpstart this project and make it happen for the children and families of the Riverbend area. My background creating fruitful experiences for families in Alton through my small business Child’s Play, combined with the research and preparation already made by the museum committee, is well poised to create a high quality children’s museum in Alton that will be an asset to the city and a draw to families from nearby communities.

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