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The Problem:

Today most online shoppers can’t buy insurance for items they are purchasing during the online shopping process. They must go through a time-consuming process to find and buy insurance.

E-commerce retailers are also missing out because of fear consumers feel of damaging or losing a luxury purchase. For the US luxury good e-commerce market, which represents over $14B/year in spending, there are millions of dollars in uninsured losses customers suffer when they lose or damage their purchases.

The Solution:

got sure is a Software as a Service platform that allows e-commerce retailers to offer their customers trustworthy insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies, at the point of sale on the check-out page.

Our team is building a powerful API that can easily integrate insurance quotes directly into retail e-commerce sites. This platform, which will initially target high-margin luxury goods, can then be targeted at a larger set of industries and ecosystems.

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