It is too hard to start a gig economy. To create a platform like Uber or Airbnb, one needs a full team of software engineers, costing tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars. There is a lot of untapped potential in the gig economy market, and people want to access it. The problem is the big barrier to entry: creating such a platform to connect a niche seller with a niche buyer.
We offer a default template to create a gig economy. With our product, all the complicated software is done. As a buyer, you receive a template platform which, with a little bit of customization, is ready to onboard buyers and sellers. We create the complicated software so you can pursue your entrepreneurial idea. Our target market consists of entrepreneurs and existing businesses looking to enter the gig economy market. Since we are not entering an existing market space, our competition is limited. To an extend, however, our competition is no code platforms that somewhat simplify the software creation process. Our product will create value because we cut costs for entrepreneurs looking to leverage a gig economy platform for their business. They no longer need to hire a team of software engineers; they will instead buy our template. Our team will use the prize money awarded to help build the initial software required. Specifically, we will hire part time software engineers to help build out our template where necessary.

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