GoAway Bands- For US Defense

Title: GoAway Bands-Study the impact of seasonal conditions impacting soldiers in Alaska and explore resources to assist in improving mood, cognition and sleep
Description: Soldiers in the extreme borders are facing lot of issues due to climatic fluctuations. They do not get time to take care of their health and also they are unable to figure out what is happening with their body. Go-Away bands are the wearable bands/smart watch which helps to monitor their temperature, heart beat, Blood level, water balance level, appetite status (how much hungry they are), How many hours they slept and how they are feeling at the moment. And daily reports been sent to nearby army healthcare centers and depending on that, they would be getting the food recommendation referred by army dietitians. If in case there are health fluctuations, COVID etc, immediate actions are taken and those soldiers would be taken extreme care. Apart from Bands, we also provide, spiritual programs, yoga sessions and AI oriented psychological sessions too.

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