We seek to take advantage of machine learning and data-driven methods to facilitate organic social interactions through the act of gift-giving, while placing strong emphasis on protecting the privacy of end-users. Put simply, GiftMaster is a platform that transforms the act of gift giving from an oftentimes stressful and superficial social practice into a fun and engaging process that deepens the user’s relationships, whether with someone they know quite well or someone they’ve just met.  By simply answering a few questions based on the user’s impression of the person they’d like to send a gift to, GiftMaster’s algorithm ‘guesses’ the best gifts to give that are within the user’s budget. With the choice of anonymity, Gift Master also adds a hint of mystery and suspense for the gift-receiver. Revenue will be generated through collaboration with third-party vendors, including merchandise suppliers, exquisite gift packaging services, lifestyle brands, etc. 


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