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Our mission is to help muscle trauma victims take back their mobility and quality of life with a cutting-edge regenerative therapy. The product is a sponge-like biomaterial called Musculus Wound Matrix (MWM) that stimulates functional muscle regeneration. 

Here’s how it works: MWM is built of extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins that promote new muscle growth. The proteins form a three-dimensional structure to completely fill volumetric wounds. Our manufacturing process creates a pore structure to allow cells from surrounding muscle to migrate into the sponge and attach to the natural ECM matrix proteins.  These cells grow and merge to form larger muscle fibers with structural support provided by MWM. As new muscle fibers grow, they attach to the surrounding muscle to contract and produce force. At this point, MWM is a part of the native ECM.

MWM has been extensively tested in rodent models of muscle loss and has been shown to increase muscle torque by 52% after one month. 

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