The solution to reduce leftover food waste on your college campus has finally arrived!

With FreeEats you can easily find and share real-time info on free, leftover food on your campus that would otherwise end up in the trash.

The process is a piece of (leftover) cake:

  1. Log-in with your college email address to see free food posts from others at your school.
  2. Using the Free Food Form, quickly post free food that is leftover from events, club activities, students moving out or any other social situations.
  3. Turn on notifications to receive an alert when someone has posted free food on campus.
  4. Check-in to recent free food posts to indicate that you are on the way to grab a serving.
  5. Receive free food and help reduce food waste!

FreeEats works best with more people, so be sure to invite friends to join in on the free food sharing. Cheers to free food!

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