Free* Food

Free* Food is a delicious, shelf-stable food product reflecting an innovative model of production and distribution. Free* Food is produced by crowdsourcing production with a tiered-price model. Bulk orders by interested parties in the initial production include subsidized production in cost. For example, to order a case of Free* Food Beans, Greens, & Spelt retort pouch in the initial crowdsourced order includes the price of a quarter of a case added. Once a significant order size is reached, the food is produced and distributed via mail. The subsidized product is then distributed to the next two tiers, one being an offering at a low cost to traditionally neglected ‘food desert’ areas, the other being in the form of donation to shelters for the unhoused, mutual aid groups, emergency shelters, and other community centers. Free* Food seeks to create a ready-to-eat convenience and emergency food which is healthy, delicious, cruelty-free, additive-free, and free from the wasteful infrastructure of the corporate profit-driven model of food production. Free* Food relies on the fact that, given the choice, a significant segment of food-buyers will choose to provide low and no-cost food to those in need. In the age of climate disaster and other uncertainty, Free* Food suggests that every house should have a case of healthy shelf-stable food for times of need, and a new model of food production is needed in an era where helping others is crucial to our survival and our privilege can be leveraged to improve the lives of others.

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