Forms today are old, late ‘90s technology—so we reinvented forms to be dynamic and meet people where they are.  Formli is the most powerful, most human form tool on the internet.
Formlis meet users where they are. In conversation via email or text, at any url, embedded on a site flat, floating, or a widget, or embedded in Notion, Klayvio and your favorite tech.
Formli’s create Formlis. Where old forms capture data, Formlis create experiences. Dynamic like an app, submitted Formlis create new Formlis, trigger actions like texts and emails, and enable builders to create the world’s they imagine.
Formlis make your message pop. Formli’s digitally-native interface and modern aesthetic helps you better connect with your audience, removing inhibitions to taking action. It offers customized branding, instagram-story style interactions, and GIF and video capabilities.
In its short existence, Formli has been used by the UN Refugee Agency, the Anti-Racism Fund, and others to raise millions of dollars for their organizations. It has been used by businesses and nonprofits alike to inform and activate prospective customers and supporters. It has been by ventures like the St. Louis based TinySuperheroes to power their app without code.

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