For Womenhood

Imagine a world where any woman could have a competitive edge in any situation. A world where women could use each other’s professional and personal experiences to optimize their own life. A virtual space where women could connect, network, empower and support each other throughout womanhood. This is essentially “For Womenhood”. The first platform that will be built to give women a competitive advantage in her daily life. We won’t use ads, and we won’t ever sell your data. Instead, we will help you build two networks on our platform. A SoulSista network (SSN) and a BossBabe network (BBN). Think of these networks as your personal circle and your professional circle of women. ‘For Womenhood’ will be the next social media platform that will redefine the landscape for women globally.

Our Mission:

“To Fix that Crown on any woman, anywhere, any purpose, for any life.”



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