Have you ever spent way too much time with your significant other or friend-group trying to decide where to eat? I know I certainly have. Foodie is a mobile application that seeks to elegantly solve this problem. Users will be able to create “rooms” with up to 7 other people and each user is presented with a UI reminiscent of Tinder or Bumble containing restaurant information. Users in the “room” will then swipe for 15 seconds or until there is a unanimous “match,” whichever happens first. Users will also be able to post “stories” to document their experiences at various restaurants. A machine learning algorithm will keep track of the users’ preferences to do two things: set the order in which restaurants are shown and to recommend restaurants to users. The app will also keep track of the users’ outing habits in order to recommend people to invite. Users will also be able to search for nearby people with similar tastes in food. The ultimate goal of this app is to not only solve the problem of choosing a place to eat quickly in group settings, but also to launch a new food based social media platform.

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