This idea was born “thanks to” the 1-year-long pandemic lockdown I went through after moving to the US in 2020 without social network in the same country or the same time zone.

Working out solo is great, but it can be more fun and motivating when it is a group commitment/activity. I have seen folks joining crossfit training during the hype of the pandemic just to stay in the fitness community.

FitTogether is the community/workout social networking app with three may features:

  1. Fitness support. Big database with workout moves and recommended move combinations for working a certain muscle area. Famous social media(YouTube or Instagram) fitness stars can also host Q&A session or lead live fitness sessions with the users commissioning a small fee(or the stars can pay to advertize and the app will verify). Jogging and Yoga are also featured. The highlight is the community involvement, which allows community members to communicate and set up jogging/HIIT/yoga by themselves in city parks or anywhere they want.
  2. Dietary support. Once again, FitTogether app has recommended meal plans for folks who want to lose weight or increase muscle. The app also sells fitness bento boxes to users in certain cities. There are also online live dietitians catering to specific needs with a small fee. Users can rate all of the services
  3. Activewear provider. FitTogether app amasses small activewear brands among which users can choose from. User review is encouraged as well.

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