FitFreak is a marketplace that allows clients to connect with online fitness coaches who help facilitate healthy habit formation and keep individuals accountable to fitness goals.

As medical students, we understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle to prevent many of the diseases that contribute to the leading causes of death in the US. As such, there are currently plenty of mobile apps that allow individuals to track their daily fitness routine and count their calories. However, many people fall short of meeting their fitness, nutrition, and wellness goals. After reflecting on why these apps did not work for us, we realized that the social component and accountability was missing.

Once a client selects a fitness coach, the coach will be able to offer daily accountability and weekly feedback for their client. This includes critiquing form after viewing pictures from their clients, helping clients track calories and daily steps, and providing wellness and recovery advice.

Our website would solve three issues with the current market for fitness coaches and clients:
1) Payment processing is difficult to enforce without an online payment built in.
2) Finding clients is difficult for freelance fitness coaches unless they have money to spend on ads.
3) There is no testimonial system for clients to leave reviews for fitness coaches so that future customers can gain trust in paying money for coaching services.

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