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Right now, Find Your Farmer (FYF) is a grocery delivery service that sources fresh meats, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, and value-added products from over 50 sustainable family farms and artisans in the St. Louis area. To minimize the logistical burden of managing perishable inventory, Find Your Farmer partners with several local food hubs and distributors to source produce. Every Wednesday, all ordered items are delivered to FYF’s central sorting facility where they are sorted into individual orders, packaged into insulated cooler bags, and delivered directly to customers’ doors.

We started with this simple online farmers market model for a number of reasons. This model has allowed us to (1) generate quantitative and qualitative data on our target demographic (2) help struggling farmers/artisans adapt to the new normal (3) learn about the functioning of the local food ecosystem (4) build relationships with local food aggregators and farmers and (5) examine demand for a reimagined grocery shopping experience.

Though this experiment has accomplished all of the above goals, we have much larger ambitions for the future of our service. We aim to build a convenient online grocery platform and delivery service that prioritizes local sourcing and offers the freshest, most sustainable products that money can buy. The people of St. Louis will be able to come to said platform without any doubt in their mind that their purchase will be ethical and yield high-quality products.

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