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There’s nothing as universally frustrating as losing an item.
Bluetooth trackers are often held up as the ideal locating solution, but they are too expensive to affix to more than a few of your personal belongings and aren’t applicable to items that are worth less than the tracker’s cost.
Find It offers our customers a chance to locate their lost items through our inexpensive and decorative QR code stickers intended for all personal belongings, from water bottles to Airpods. The stickers come in a variety of personalized designs and all are clearly labeled “If lost, scan me,” which would prompt a person who finds your item to scan the code. The “finder” can then report the item’s location and a description of its position, and the customer will then be notified and find their item using our mobile app.
Although our concept relies on the awareness and compliance of strangers, our team observed a surprisingly high success rate when we tested the concept last December. In our trial run, we “lost” 20 common personal belongings around WashU’s campus each tagged with a prototype of our product. Within 3 days, 15 out of the 20 items were scanned, demonstrating a 75% success rate. Find It doesn’t guarantee the return of your personal belongings, but instead offers a low-cost solution to help recover all of the items you love- not just the selected few.

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