Nowadays, the word philanthropy is associated with very wealthy people and far from the average individual. Every person with a recurrent revenue should be able to commit to philanthropy activities, no matter the age or the size of the monthly salary. In Finanthropy, we want to create a private classified SaaS which includes social media components, to maximize the philanthropy activity of personal donors.

This platform will provide an account in which users can program a long-term strategy for their personal philanthropy activities, including recurring financial commitment amounts, the tenor of the commitments, accountability reporting from ONGs, web services for storing key information, general tax forms, and recurrent payment system alternatives, among others.

Our target customer is open to every person who is related to philanthropy activities, from a wealthy person with a Family Office who support multiple ONG’s, to a typical wage-earned person looking to support their first non-profit organization to support.

At the same time, we will develop a critical component for our users, the first comprehensive marketplace of ONGs, that will encompass all Non-profits available worldwide, in which users can filter based on interest to find matches to support. We will start listing thousands of ONGs from different aspects (geography, support focus, size, etc), expecting additional ONG followers will join the platform.

The founders have a background in financial services and a close connection with philanthropy activities, as well as an understanding of the financial needs of different Non-profit initiatives worldwide.

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