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Young students are surviving paycheck to paycheck, with no structured budget to help them learn to save their money. The gap in financial knowledge is widening at a rate that poses a threat for many generations. As college students transition from a life without much financial responsibility to the real world, we can see that they are not adequately equipped with the habits and information needed to budget and save. While they may try traditional methods such as paper lists or other budgeting apps, they are not given the incentive to spend frugally, making budgeting a tiresome, ineffective task. With no accountability towards their spending, no real changes can be made to their long-term wealth accumulation.

Final Step’s mission is to help users spend without fear of their financial future, while building financial capability through our curated curriculum. Our extremely personalized AI provides key feedback on progress that is being made in their budget and the steps users could take to improve their overspending habits. Customers will be instantly updated on their budget as they spend through connected forms of payment. Final Step will celebrate our customers’ achievements when reaching their savings goals by awards and badges within the app. This will allow both Final Step and the user to identify when and how changes to their spending habits occur. The financial education curriculum consists of media such as articles, videos, and podcasts, along with our self-crafted gamified modules covering desired topics from savings to estate and retirement planning.

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