On a college campus, thousands of students can be found walking around at any given time. So we asked ourselves a very simple question: Why can’t students deliver food, goods, and other everyday items to each other? College is busy enough with exams, homework, and an endless list of miscellaneous activities, so why should someone have to walk to the other side of campus to get something when one of the thousands of students out walking can bring it to them conveniently? Our mission is to improve students’ access to two crucial assets: time and money. While some students are tired of walking long distances during inconvenient situations, other students can aid in preventing this while also earning extra cash by completing tasks, aka quests, for other students. Quests range from various tasks such as picking up a meal for someone from the dining hall, delivering packages to dorms, and bringing someone an item from an on-campus convenience store. Students can even complete custom quests submitted by students who have a more specific task in mind. The job of a deliverer is straightforward. Check the app for quests, complete them, and get paid. We want to make the lives of college students easier, and so should you, so do us a favor and believe in Favr.

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