FattBellies BBQ is a community-oriented restaurant that strives to satisfy, fill, and have a rememberable time for customers. Not only is FattBellies bringing delicious food to the table, but we have a special every day with something that’s not on the menu, which can be from anywhere around the world and voted on by customers. We bake a new dessert every day, and for our famous Kool-Aid, it is a unique flavor/color.  The best part is that secret sauce is literally our homemade secret sauce. The sauce is not only a “BBQ” sauce but is used for chicken, fries, and even fish. Don’t let BBQ take you straight to pork because every pork option has a turkey option which is rare in BBQ houses. Aesthetic/themes/vibes are constantly changing. So sometimes, from little decorations to music or even bands to correlate alongside dishes or drinks, FattBellies throw in some fun to keep daily customers and consistently attract new ones.  We can be put into the category of a BBQ house with competition, such as pappy’s or BBQ saloon. Still, none of them have the same idea, aesthetics, or even various foods. We compete in the rapidly growing food services, a 38.25 billion in value market last year. FattBellies would be ready to strive with 100% of yeses from students and more polls surveying the idea of a FattBellies STL. With still being so new, we are looking for investors, connections to the restaurant industries in STL, and a strong marketing team.

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