Ex-Green is a lawn-care company that cuts grass, removes leaves, and does projects at a fair and reasonable price. I (Gavin McLean) am the owner of Ez-Green have I have been cutting grass for seven years.

So a typical problem is these big companies like LawnMasters tend to overprice. On top of that they also send random people in each week and you have no idea what they could be up to. What Ez-Green offers is a good trustworthy relationship with their customers, fair prices and just simply being a local neighborhood kid.

Ez-Green started off with 1 customers while now they are up to 13 customers. Over the summer of 2020 we made nearly 2,500 in revenue and about 1,000 in the fall. Going along with this Ez-Green also just hired 3 part time employees and has a potential cadet to take over the business once I move off to college where I will still being over seeing everything.

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