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Nearly 1 in 4 small business started in Missouri will shut down within their first year. A primary reason for this failure is lack of customers: either initially getting them in the door or encouraging them to come back regularly.

What makes you loyal to a company? It’s likely either a personal connection (a.k.a. amazing customer service) and/or their product is unbeatable. Feeling of personal connection + unbeatable product = loyalty to business

Extended Motion is here to bolster the first part of that equation: a feeling of personal connection. And the best way to establish that at scale is through video.

We partner with St. Louis businesses to tell the founder’s story behind it. We stand out from competition by sharing the videos on our own social media platforms, so St. Louis locals can have an archive of new business to try out; whose personal stories they have already connected with.

Companies will also have free discretion to do whatever they choose with our video. Every founder will be added to a network of businesses who have previously worked with us. We can potentially host networking events, trainings, etc.– strengthening community so we can all grow together.

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