This idea started out as providing a platform for underresourced Chinese farmers and artisans to sell their premium products to other parts of the world. Such products can be of cultural or culinary origins rather than simply made in China, one of which being Huishan clay figurines from my hometown, Wuxi. Taking the shapes of different characters from Chinese mythology, using China’s finest clay from Huishan, the figurines not only represent culture, but also give a unique touch to home décor.

But such idea can be expanded to all different cultures, especially the regions where the local farmers and artisans don’t get enough support. ExquisiteMarket provides cultural products from different regions, giving it Morocco or Paraguay or Turkey etc.

These are going to be the different sub-sections on ExquisiteMarket website/app:

  1. Food. This is mostly going to be foos that can be eaily stored, like dried/aged meat, or candies and dried fruit, coffee beans or tea.
  2. Home décor. Be it silk embroidered “paintings” from China or hand-made blankets from Turkey, this is the place where people go to purchase the home decor and furniture pieces they desire. I plan to employ AR technology to allow people to see, say, how this specific lamp of Chinese design fits into the ambience and interior of their homes.


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