Expose Media Company

Expose is an umbrella channel on YouTube that is comprised of many video series and is the next
leading name in impact-based media. We’re committed to leading the charge in creating an open
environment for people to share their authentic stories all around the world. The participatory
component of the channel cultivates a sense of ownership and belonging both from the
participants and the viewers of the videos. With an unlimited list of potential topics, at Expose we
are creating content that our viewers want to see and are talking about life from the lens of all
countries, equally. The YouTube channel will provide our followers with easy access to our
content, free of charge, to allow as many people as possible to participate and experience our

Through Expose, a variety of videos and topics will be covered. Our pilot series is called “Pay it
Forward”. The goal of the series is to create the longest chain of acts of kindness around the
world between strangers who differ in age, race, wealth, and gender.

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