With COVID-19 pandemic, people have to adapt to the new norm: less face-to-face experience, fewer concerts, gathering in small pot of 4-6 people, working from home without quality activities to engage and Zoom fatigue. ExperienceNow! addresses the issue of “lack of quality experience”. No matter if it is a TV recommendation for couples, or (board) games/activities that a small pot of 4-6 people can participate, or VR family concert to help family create new memories, or recipes for one/multi-people household to make food, ExperienceNow! is the go-to platform for users to get immediate recommendations for pastime; the platform is for quality individual/group experience. ExperienceNow! uses algorithm to extract recipes/games/diners etc. from preexisting websites including allrecipes.com and yelp etc., then recommend the perfect acvitity with the preference from the users, or user can choose the trending ones. Users can rate difference experiences as well.

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