With COVID-19 pandemic, people have to adapt to the new norm: less face-to-face experience, gathering in small pots, working from home and Zoom fatigue.

ExperienceNow! aims at providing VR/AR platform for anyone who wanted creat events. No matter if it is someone who wants to teach others how to paint, or if it is musicians who want more traffic than the room of a physical venue, or career conferences that wants to help as many candidates hired as possible, they will be able to utilize ExperienceNow! as the platform to organize the VR/AR event.

As a platform, we are going to organizers freedom to create events free of charge if the events they create also charge no entry fee; if the events are not free, then we will charge a percentage based on ticket sales. Our go-to-market users are businesses, then individual users.

To organizers, virtual venues are available on the platform, and open to customization with charge. Attendees also have free outfits and charged customization.

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