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There are over 20 million researchers and graduate students worldwide, and they all have the same problem. Finding high quality papers and prior art is laborious even if you are a domain expert. On average, researchers spend 10–15% of their time in that process. For some fields like patent law, that number is much higher.

Current search tools for research documents and literature are poorly suited for exploratory search and discovery as they return ranked results. Such methods hide connections amongst individual results and compel researchers to wade through pages of results. They must also tweak queries and use esoteric search operators to identify relevant information.

What if there is a better way to separate the signal from the noise? The quote “a picture is worth a thousand words” comes to mind. We simplify discovery by graphically grouping results by similarity.

We have created such a tool that interactively provides researchers with the ability to quickly discover and assess research literature and prior art. Instead of ranked results, our Software as a Service shows connections between results based on semantic similarity. Results and connections form a graph network that enables the user to see highly relevant content via visual cues enabling rapid discovery.

Our tool reduces research timelines and budgets while enabling more impactful research. We are reimagining discovery by evolving the paradigm of ranked search to interactive graphical search.

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