Traditional e-learning platforms often lead to rote memorization, sidelining true understanding. They deliver static content, overlooking the diverse learning needs, paces, and styles of individual students. Enlighto revolutionizes this landscape. Designed for students ranging from grade 1 to college undergraduates, this AI-powered app offers a conversational experience, providing step-by-step problem-solving guidance that adjusts to a student’s specific age and prior interactions.
Rather than just presenting answers, Enlighto involves students in an interactive attempt-advice loop. Upon a problem’s introduction, it outlines the steps to the solution, then encourages student attempts, providing feedback tailored to their responses. Correct attempts progress the learning, while mistakes are met with detailed, constructive feedback. This ensures not just rote memorization, but deep comprehension. If a student expresses uncertainty, the app offers subtle hints to guide them, ensuring that they remain the central figure in their learning journey.
Moreover, Enlighto keeps track of topics students struggle with, fine-tuning its level of guidance in subsequent sessions. It also initiates conversations based on these topics and celebrates the student’s progresses. Over time, it becomes an even more adept learning companion, providing education that’s truly tailored to the student. In essence, Enlighto isn’t just another e-learning platform; it’s a personalized learning journey, championing comprehension over mere answers.

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