Embodied Serenity Therapeutic Candles

My company Embodied Serenity is a candle company that prides itself on advocating for and assisting those with mental health issues. We use aromatics and relaxing components in our products to boost serotonin levels in our customers to help reduce the severity of their mental illnesses. Research shows that most minority people, specifically African American women, don’t have access to proper treatment for their mental illnesses. Therefore, it made it an important issue to me that needed to be solved along with helping everyone in the U.S with mental health issues in the process. Aromatherapy is a great method of alternative treatment because the fragrances you inhale travel through your nose to a point in your brain to boost your mood and provide you with a feeling of serenity. We want to provide serenity to all of our customers in every way, but not at the cost of physical health. Therefore, we also ensure all of our products are clean and eco friendly so they don’t harm you or the environment while helping reduce mental illnesses.

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