EDUrain is an all-in one platform design to make college more financially accessible to students. Our platform is separated into 3 modules based on 3 critical aspects we’ve identified after conducting extensive research and countless interviews and surveys. Our first module is government aid filing software which shortens the entire FAFSA process down to just minutes. The second module is a scholarship search which matches students with relevant scholarships from a database of over 20k scholarships. Our last module is a housing search platform to help upperclassmen find off-campus housing. We offer an optional 0% interest gap loan to pay for the high upfront cost of moving off campus which has proven to be a major stressor for many students, and even prohibitive in some cases. Most government loans are available in the fall whereas leases start in spring. Our gap loan fills in the financial gap between these times.

EDUrain is the only platform that offers a complete and holistic solution dedicated to helping student fund higher ed. Our platform is completely free to use and we don’t run ads. Our 0% interest gap loan has a one time origination fee due after student’s financial aid comes in the next semester.

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