EDUrain is an off campus housing turnkey software solution. Through college partnerships, we create university-branded housing marketplaces for their students. 70% percent of students looking for off campus housing indicate the off-campus housing process is at least “somewhat difficult.” Through surveys, we’ve identified key pain points among student renters. We’ve created a comprehensive set of tools including renter’s education, roommate search, and integrated background checks, along with on-demand support to guide students through their rental journey.

Our platform is very attractive to landlords interested in renting to students due to our deep partnerships with universities. Our college branded listing site gives their properties added credibility among students and direct access to student renters within a college town—their preferred tenants. We address the number one concern among these landlords: on-time rental payments. All students are enrolled in our credit-building program through Transunion, which is proven to boost on-time payments by up to 50%.

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