Educational App for Children with Hearing Loss

More often than not, a child entering an audiology appointment does not know what is to come, which can limit the amount of essential information an audiologist needs to get from the child since they are unprepared. The success of the appointment is dependent on how the child does throughout testing. I believe if a child was prepared for the appointment beforehand on what is to come, the appointment would go smoother and the audiologist would receive more information from the child, which in turn helps the child and their hearing.

I want to create an app that takes a child through an audiology appointment including details of what testing will be done, how the child should behave through testing, and other information that may be helpful for the success of the appointment. All in all, the app could consist of short videos or games for each part of the testing that the child must complete successfully before moving on to the next part of the appointment. I believe this will prepare the child for success during the appointment, which in turn can help the audiologist receive the maximum amount of information to then further help that child regarding their hearing.

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