Easy Speak

The US Healthcare System is Broken.

As a medical student, I have seen the impact of the numerous and vastly complex challenges that exist in healthcare. The effects of these challenges are not benign. Namely, year over year, roughly two-thirds of doctors report symptoms of burnout. Adverse effects of burnout include feeling overwhelming negativity and depersonalization, and burnout increases the risk of physician suicide 2-times that of the regular population. These effects have a secondary impact on patient care by increasing the risk for medical errors, decreasing patient satisfaction, and reducing overall health outcomes. So, what is the root cause of physician burnout? Studies point to burdensome charting tasks in the electronic medical record (EMR). This unacceptable status-quo serves as my motivation for creating Easy Speak.

Easy Speak is a novel software that will improve charting efficiency by enabling dictation-to-action technology to automate click-intensive EMR tasks. This will allow a physician to convert minutes-per-patient of repetitive clicks into mere seconds of spoken language while maintaining the same result in the medical record. The time savings per patient rapidly compound to yield meaningful improvements in quality of life. With this improvement, physicians will have the time and energy to give their patients the quality care they deserve.

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