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Around 40 percent of farmer’s vegetable are wasted in the United States. Easy bites is a company that source vegetable from local farms that would’ve gone to waste and turn them into edible snacks like chips, breakfast bar, and juices that individuals can grab on the go. These are the over 200 million Americans that buy snack at least once a day. As a result, the snack industry has huge potential. Besides a profitable business model, we also upheld strong social mission. We reduce CO2 emission from rotten vegetable that contribute global warming and put more money in farmer’s pockets.

I envision to launch the business in the St. Louis market, where I will issue the first line of product,  carrot chips. Base on my past 6 years of experience living in the city, I know that there over 30 thousand college student and young people who would buy socially conscious snack and would be an ideal location to test the first line of product. With a $2 price point, if we can capture 10 % of the market, that is 3,000 people, we will generate $6,000 in potential sales per day. As we scale to the rest of the U.S., by capturing just 1% of the 200 million market, we can potentially increase sale to $4 million daily.

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