This “drone mailbox” will likely vary depending on the residence type (single family home, apartment, etc.), and could look like a modern physical mailbox with drone tech compatibility, a QR-code covered sheet the recipient leaves outside their residence, or could be an app that allows the customer to use their camera to map out a specified destination. For buildings with several tenants (dorms, offices, apartments, etc.) drones could either drop packages off on rooftops (which would transition to a mailroom), or leave them outside of buildings to be picked up (not sure how logistic companies plan on mitigating theft, but having the drone wait a few minutes for the recipient to arrive is one possibility).

There is clearly a lot of variability in what the end product will look like, and this is why we plan on meeting with potential customers (package recipients) and partners (Amazons of the world) to hone in on what our ideal product should be and who we are catering to.

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