The wire rope used for cranes and elevators must be lubricated to prevent severe wear and corrosion. Current lubrication methods are ineffective at penetrating the wire rope’s core and require extensive downtime. Improper lubrication can decrease the life of wire rope by 50% and replacing wire rope can cost as much $100,000 in high rise elevator environments.

Unlike other lubrication methods, DRIPTEK uses a gravity feed to lubricate wire rope at the point where its core is most receptive to lubricant and can do so while the crane or elevator is running, eliminating the need for downtime. As the wire rope’s braided structure opens while passing over the pulley, lubricant automatically drips into its core, the most critical component of the rope. This reduces downtime, as well as maintenance and replacement costs. The replaceable lubricant cartridges will provide DRIPTEK with a continuous revenue stream.  DRIPTEK will first enter the elevator market (over 1 million US installations).

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