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In the US. 35% of students in college have been diagnosed with mental illness. Imagine the increasing rate for international students with all the cultural, language, and social barriers. Guess the largest source of international students in the US? It’s Chinese with almost 4 hundred thousand (372k) students, which grows each year.

Double H-Hometown Help is here to support our Chinese students suffering mental illness with professional and feasible help. It is a multifunctional online only platform with therapists, self-care courses, and free mental health education in both Chinese and English.

There are online mental health services in the US such as Better Help, but the lack of Chinese language options and approaches to the Chinese market make them less appealing to Chinese users. Conversely, online services in China like Yixinli are short of professional therapists and have inconvenient time zone differences. Our target market are Chinese international students from American colleges who suffer with mental health issues and also professional therapists, especially Chinese speaking therapists. 

There are 150k students in need, and this number increases every year. Some will use the free education content, others will upgrade for a premium online self care course. That, plus advertising income will allow us to have cash flow. We will also charge a service fee from both clients and therapists for each match on our platform for counselling service. 


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