There are roughly 30000 US ships that still need ballast treatment systems by Sept 2024 due to USCG and EPA regulation. There are roughly 3000-4000 new ships produced every year that will need ballast treatment systems. Failure to comply yields up to $27500/day fine that quickly erodes the operators’ margins. However, the installation of ballast treatment systems is expensive($500k-$3M on average). Furthermore, the current bacteria treatment technology can be hazardous or unreliable leading to the potential problematic invasive species problems. Thus comes Diversican.

Using advanced centrifuge technology with submicron (smaller than any known bacteria size) capacity, Diversican ballast treatment systems can treat bacteria without the need for chemical usage by means of separation. With anticipated reasonable installation cost and energy usage, Diversican ballast treatment system can save ships owners millions of dollars while also aiding to solve the invasive species problem.

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