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I am a certified Health and Wellness Coach who empowers clients to achieve optimal health through an integrative approach to wellness. My coaching program provides tailored nutrition and lifestyle protocols for each client and tools to assess their bio-individual needs, utilizes evidence-based strategies to address their health concerns, and provides support and accountability in reaching their goals.

What’s included in my health coaching program:

Step 1: The initial assessment. This includes:

  • A Health History Assessment Form including an overview of your health concerns, health goals, health/medical history, lifestyle stressors, sleep quality, etc.
  • A 5-day Food and Mood Journal Analysis that will allow me to make tailored recommendations.
  • A 1:1 60-minute Zoom call to discuss your Health History Assessment Form to ensure we are taking all facets of your health into consideration and determine the best approach to help you meet your goals and relieve your symptoms.

Step 2: (following initial assessment and findings) 3 or 6-month Coaching Program

  • Bi-weekly 1:1 60-minute Zoom coaching calls to discuss progress, barriers, and recommendations.
  • Recommendations/adjustments will be made not only in regards to dietary/supplemental protocol but for sleep support, adrenal support, stress management, female reproductive health and product swaps for a non-toxic home.
  • Exercises to complete in between sessions.
  • Open communication through text or email.


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