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Currently 3.5 million people pass away each year. 17% of the USA population is over 65 years of age. Hearing that your loved one has 12 months or less to live is gut-wrenching and overwhelming. Families often don’t know where to start, have several questions, and don’t have enough time or resources to handle everything. The lack of time and understanding leads people to miss important tasks, overlook available resources, and to make poor financial decisions. Most importantly, people want to spend these last moments with their loved ones but are busy with administrative tasks. Dickerson’s Source is a resource to answer important questions and to highlight resources for the various needs of the family during their time of need. The source will make available all resources in each state, give tips on how to plan a funeral, provide information to advocacy groups, provide information on the red flags of elderly care/ nursing homes, and several other topics. Our team is composed of 2 business students who have experienced the drain of death on a family. We are seeking financial resources for website development, to consult with professionals about the information we publish, and for legal advice.

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