Finland Day Care Center

Day care center (DCC) is a child protection service aiming at preventing child neglect, ensuring the provision of relevant child rights, and institutionalization by providing relevant services during daytime, activities such as care, education, recreation-socializing, counseling, development of independent life skills, school, and professional guidance, etc. for at least 20 children, and support, counseling, education activities for parents or legal representatives, as well as for other individuals having children in care (Extract from the national policy).
To contribute to the overall objective, the Programme has the following results/outputs:
 Psycho-social support for at least 20 children in DCC is provided; emotional and behavioral
development and the social and life skills of the children are enhanced.
 Pre-school educational support for at least 10 children is provided. Children’s cognitive skills
improved through supporting their individual development.
 Parental abilities of caregivers to ensure their children’s growth and development increased, and parents’ attitudes toward the adequate provision of children’s educational needs improved
 The professional competence of the educational staff of SOS Day Care Centre, including Centre volunteering teachers, is enhanced.

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