Curro is a collaborative forum created by athletes, for athletes. Our goal is to provide a platform where athletes and teams can track activities, post logs, and interact with other athletes. We prioritize creating a user experience centered on the athlete in the context of a greater community.

Targeted specifically at high school and collegiate teams, Curro adds structure to an athlete’s training plan and workouts. Each day, an athlete posts a detailed log of their workout, that includes an activity, such as running, swimming, or biking, and its details like distance, time, shoes worn, and a note with additional relevant information. As a result, athletes are more likely to avoid injuries, observe their growth in fitness over time, and gain inspiration from other athlete’s workouts. Curro’s team calendar groups every teammate’s posts for others to read, like, and comment creating a robust, engaged virtual community. Our next step is to develop the coach’s side of the platform, so they can follow their athletes’ training and react to the athlete’s emotional and physical health. This communication between coaches and athletes will maximize the performance of the individual athlete and the team. 

Today, Curro has over 100 daily users, including WashU Cross Country athletes, who consistently provide feedback so we can create the most efficient and useful activity tracking platform for our athletes. 

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