Meet Cuneiform, an e-commerce app which provides credit-building services, and shows and explains all of the factors that go into credit scoring weights and matrices. Existing credit-reporting and credit-building services, like Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian, are targeted towards the general public rather than the most at-risk populations, and don’t provide full transparency in their credit-scoring matrices. Cuneiform will specifically target individuals with credit scores of less than 700, like most Americans under 55, in order to improve their financial literacy, and to help them join the 700 Club. We will make money through ethical advertising on our app, and through selling information about improvements and success stories to other organizations to help them act in more socially responsible ways. We will seek partnerships with any people or organizations interested in promoting entrepreneurship and homeownership among younger Americans, or among poor or disadvantaged communities, since one of the most important roadblocks to entrepreneurship and homeownership in these communities is peoples’ poor credit ratings. If we win this competition, we will use the $2,600 to begin assembling a team to code the actual application for iOS and Android.  So help us today to make America’s 700 Club as large as possible!

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